At TerrigalChiropractic Clinic we aim to detect, correct and prevent spinal conditions for those seeking back pain relief and Long Term Spinal Wellness.

The 3 Stages of Care 

How far will you take your Chiropractic Care?
While your symptoms are what brought you here, dysfunction in the Spine always precedes discomfort! Experience has taught us that Spinal problems are recurrent in nature.
In fact we believe that your “Spinal Care Begins when your symptoms End”. So please consider the 3 Stages below and set a goal from the onset of your treatment as to which one most suits your Spinal Health needs:

Relief Care: 
Symptomatic relief of PAIN or discomfort only.

Corrective Care:
Correcting the CAUSE of the problem as well as the symptom. 

Wellness Care*:
Ongoing Maintenance for Optimal Spinal Health and Prevention.

*Our experience has demonstrated that Wellness Minded patients who continue with Wellness Care seem to have fewer future relapses, slow down the ageing process, strengthen their backs, feel good and have more energy!  


REMEMBER the 4 S‘s

Spinal conditions are extremely common and may lead to early degenerative changes, aging and arthritis.
Spinal conditions may be symptom-free for weeks, months or years before pain or dis-ease develops.
Spinal conditions cause nerve interference and irritation which may adversely affect any part of your body- including your glands and organs.
Spinal conditions detected in the early stages, before symptoms develop are preventable and are much easier to correct.

 “Prevention is Better than Cure and Good Spinal Health is a Matter of Choice not Chance”.

Here are some of the conditions that are successfully treated at our clinic

Lower Back Pain Sciatica
Disc related Conditions
Numbness & Tingling
Arthritis & Stiff Joints
Neck & Upper Back Pain
Tension Headaches

Lowered Immunity
Tension Headaches
Whiplash injury
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Poor Postural Habits
Depleted Energy


Breathing Difficulties
Flat feet
Pelvic Tilts
Leg Length Inequality
Spinal Curvature


New Patient
Special Offer


Initial Consultation (1st Visit) $100*
See Special Offer

Time required up to 45 minutes

Includes: Consultation / Spinal Examination / Posture Assessment and Specific Treatment

Report of Findings (2nd Visit) $100*

Chiro & Massage Combination 

Time required up to 45 minutes

Includes: Report of Findings, X- rays Analysis, Health Care Plan and Treatment.

*After hours prices are $150

 JENNETICS (MindBalance)$150

With Sound Immersion at 528 Hz

Time required up to 45 minutes

JENNETICS is a specialised gentle non manipulative technique that resets the brain to a Zero Stress Level.



Chiro & Massage Combination

Time required up to 45 minutes

Includes: Flexion Distraction Therapy / manual and Impulse IQ instrument (low force) adjustments / Ultrasound Therapy and Soft Tissue Massage. 

See Special Offer


*After hours prices are $150


At Chiroflexion our goal is to restore Mechanical & Structural Integrity to Your Spine & Nervous System.

We use a multi modality approach while your Body is in constant Motion on our Spinal Flexion-Distraction Therapy Tables.

Remember “It takes time to get Sick and time to get Well”. Money spent on yourself is an investment in your Health and Wellbeing. 


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