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Experience the Chiroflexion difference!

For Optimal Spinal Health and Prevention of future relapses With over 25 years
experience call our Chiropractor - Dr. Chris Youakim

More Movement, Less Pain…
Better Spinal Health

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  • list style POSTURAL ANALYSIS
  • list style FULL SPINAL X-RAYS (valued at $280)
  • list style REPORT OF FINDINGS
  • list style X-RAY ANALYSIS

*Treatment includes: Soft tissue work (massage), Heat, Ultrasound, Liniment, motorised Flexion-Distraction Therapy & Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments to your Spine.

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Experience the
Chiroflexion difference!

More Movement, Less Pain…
Better Spinal Health

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Chiroflexion | Health In Motion

Local Chiropractor | Terrigal NSW

AT Terrigal Chiroflexion our primary goal is the Restoration of the Structural and Mechanical Integrity of Your Spine and Nervous System.
We use a Multi Modality Therapeutic approach while Your Body is in constant motion on our Motorised Flexion Distraction Tables.
In this short video we'll be show casing the Chiroflexion difference for those of you who would like to Regain and Maintain their Spinal Health.

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Would you like More Movement, Less Pain…and Better Spinal Health?

Did you know that up to 80% of the population will experience Back Pain at some stage in their lives? Experience has taught us that Spinal problems
do not resolve themselves and are recurrent in nature. Untreated, they may also have an adverse effect on your glands and organs.
At Chiroflexion we focus on restoring the structural and mechanical integrity to your Spine and Nervous System.
Chiro-flexion refers to a Hands-on approach specialising in Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy FDT that uses a Motorised Flexion Distraction table.

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Benefits of Continuous Spinal Distraction Therapys

  • list style Increases disc height which allows the disc to function better as a shock absorbing hydraulic cushion.
  • list style Restores proper vertebral joint position and motion which allows for more Spinal flexibility.
  • list style Stretches the vertebral joint spaces which increases circulation and speeds up the healing process.
  • list style Balances your Posture due to improved Spinal alignment.
  • list style Stimulates joint fluid secretion and lubrication which reduces inflammation and pain.
  • list style Leads to better relaxation, sleep, memory and concentration as it balances your Nervous System.
  • list style Strengthens immunity and improves organ function (eg. digestion).
  • list style Adds to your longevity by giving you more Energy, Vitality and overall Health and Wellness.