Something as simple as a smile, high-five, or hug can turn someone’s entire day around—and cause a ripple effect you never thought possible. It can ripple right back to you; we all know that we receive the energy back that we put out. In order to receive happiness and fulfillment, we must first give it. Paying happiness forward is a simple and easy way to spread love and goodness in the world.

Here are 100 simple ways to make it happen! ☺

1) Smile at strangers.

2) “Pay it backward.” When buying your coffee, tea, or snack in a drive-thru, purchase the person’s order behind you as a random act of kindness.

3) Tell someone you love them.

4) When a person drops something, pick it up for them.

5) Be honest… always.

6) Leave a positive note for someone at their desk or on their fridge.

7) Listen to understand, rather than speaking to be understood.

8) Let a few cars pass in front of you during rush hour.

9) Say thank you or write a thank-you note.

10) Give your leftovers to someone who needs them.

11) Double your tip just for the hell of it.

12) Tell a kid how amazing he or she is.

13) When you finish reading a good book, give it away.

14) Share your favorite new music.

15) Hold open the door for the people behind you.

16) If the person behind you at the grocery store has less items, let them go ahead of you.

17) Be a role model.

18) Volunteer your time at a local organization, school, animal shelter, or nursing home.

19) Offer to babysit a friend’s kiddo.

20) Nourish your body and soul. You will be nicer to the next person you meet.

21) Leave little surprises for people you love (I suggest chocolate, cookies, and love notes).

22) Send your mom flowers.

23) Text message a positive thought or quote to somebody who’s been feeling down.

24) Say hi to a complete stranger and ask them how their day is going.

25) Bring soup and a get well card when your friend is sick in bed.

26) Write letters to people when they move. Tell them how missed they are.

27) Put out good vibes.

28) Give out compliments like they are candy.

29) Patronize a kid’s lemonade stand.

30) Don’t complain.


31) Donate blood, plasma, organs—whatever you can spare.

32) Let a friend borrow your extra yoga mat when they forget theirs.

33) Skype a long-distance friend.

34) Buy art.

35) Leave positive reviews when you have a great experience.

36) Put change in someone’s expired meter.

37) Be a good listener.

38) Live with love and gratitude.

39) Support local businesses and organizations.

40) Recycle.

41) Invite the intern to lunch.

42) Give hugs.

43) Spend time with your family and enjoy it.

44) Donate old clothes, supplies, and materials that others can use.

45) Give a back massage just for the heck of it.

46) Spend time with other people’s family.

47) Share good articles… like this one ?

48) Spread knowledge, share facts, and inspire those around you.

49) Invite a friend to a concert and pay for their ticket.

50) Bake cookies. Lots of cookies.

51) Bring lost items to lost and found.

52) Tell jokes.

53) Donate extra money to your favorite charities.

54) Offer to be the designated driver for a night.

55) Give good advice.

56) Hold hands.

57) Forgive.

58) Tell your children, friends, and family how proud you are of their accomplishments.

59) Gift people silly socks.

60) Spread laughter.


62) See the positive in a situation when others see the negative.

63) Say hi to your neighbors.

64) Give high fives.

65) Practice patience.

66) Praise your employees, co-workers, and bosses.

67)  Call home.

68) Surprise your best friend or lover with breakfast in bed.

69) Plant a tree.

70) Spread local wildflower seeds.

71) Make wishes for other people.

72) Visit a library, school, or day care and tell the teachers and role models how much they are valued.

73) Practice yoga.

74) Find alternative approaches to everyday dilemmas.

75) Learn to let your thoughts go so you have time to really get to know yourself.

76) Explore the outdoors and give gratitude for the beauty of nature.

77) Invite your friends over for a home-cooked meal.

78) Be nice to the person on the other end of the customer service line.

79) Let go of grudges and negativity. Replace them with love and positivity.

80) When you spend time with those you care about, be completely present.

81) Plant and tend to a garden and give away what grows there.

82) Love more.

83) Take the time to start a conversation with someone new in your place of work, gym, yoga studio, or classroom.

84) Create a new way of thinking.

85) See yourself as part of the greater whole.

86) Introduce yourself to the person who brings you your mail.

87) Go on adventures with friends and co-workers.

88) Make time.

89) Practice being kind.

90) Offer a ride to somebody without a car.


91) Let your partner be right once in a while.

92) Argue less, stress less, and worry less… there’s only time for happiness.

93) Give gifts for no reason.

94) Share the lessons you’ve learned with others.

95) Wake up each morning and tell your partner, children, and pets how grateful you to have them in your life.

96) Compliment five people every day.

97) Be genuine.

98) Devote your energy to joyous activities and people… spread the love.

99) Smile more (like all day).

100) Dig deep and find what makes you happy. Then share this happiness with every single person you come in contact with.

Every day we have a choice to make. We can shape and design the life we live by those choices. So choose an Abundance of Love, Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Integrity and be Empowered by your CHOICES. You only get one shot at this, Life is a matter of Choice not Chance!


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