Why Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy FDT?

Dr. Chris Youakim
(B.Sc; M. Chiro)

Wellness Chiropractor

Dr Chris Youakim is a Wellness Minded chiropractor who practices a diversified form of chiropractic. With over 30 years of experience his passion for healing has led him to develop a multimodality approach that combines the best of hands-on therapeutic touch with advanced gentle chiropractic techniques using the latest technology. Dr Chris established Chiroflexion as a clinic that specialises in restoring structural and mechanical integrity to the Spine and Nervous System. Chiro-flexion refers to a Hands-on approach specialising in Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy FDT that uses a Motorised Flexion Distraction table.

Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy (FDT) is a unique Spinal treatment modality. Unlike other therapies that provide pain relief only, this system delivers fast results in the detection, correction and prevention of Spinal conditions for people seeking long term Wellness.

With Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy (FDT) experience the Chiroflexion Difference! Gain More Movement Less Pain…and Better Spinal Health.

Dr Chris’ purpose is about “Empowering his patients to Reach and Live their Full Potential”.


Benefits of continuous spinal flexion-distraction therapy (FDT)

The Correction and Maintenance of the Structural and Mechanical Integrity of your SPINE is the Key to a Sound Nervous System, Freedom of Movement and the Full Expression of Life!

At Chiroflexion Terrigal we have the opportunity to work with many patients with a variety of Spinal conditions and health objectives. Our objective has always been to support and maintain patients Health in a nurturing and relaxing environment. We believe that Spinal hygiene is as important as dental hygiene. It makes sense that “prevention is better than cure” and a healthy body is the result of a Healthy Nervous System and Spine.



Increases disc height which allows the disc to function better as a shock absorbing hydraulic cushion


Restores proper vertebral joint position and motion which allows for more Spinal flexibility


Balances your Posture due to improved Spinal alignment


Stretches the vertebral joint spaces which increases circulation and speeds up the healing process


Stimulates joint fluid secretion and lubrication which reduces inflammation and pain


Leads to better relaxation, sleep, memory and concentration as it balances your Nervous System


Strengthens immunity and improves organ function (eg. digestion)


Adds to your longevity by giving you more Energy, Vitality and overall Health and Wellness


Relief Care

Symptomatic Relief of Pain or Discomfort only


Corrective Care

Correcting the Underlying Cause of the Problem as Well as the Symptoms


Wellness Care

Ongoing Maintenance Care for Optimal Spinal Health and Wellness


Thank you to the amazing Chiroflexion team, they helped me so much to relive the pain in my neck and upper back.I highly recommend Chiroflexion team.

Gordana Sancanin

I can highly recommend Chris Youkam for all chiropractic procedures I have had over the last 10 years Adrian Russell

Adrian Russell

Chris is an amazing chiropractor and working with him is such a pleasure. Getting to know the patients and having a good chat is nice as well. The work space is clean and tidy and we make sure every customer is comfortable. I would 100% recommend 🙂

Trinity Youakim

Highly recommend Chris from Chiroflexion! I went in with an expectation of a realignment and over 2 years later I still return monthly!Chris is not a normal chiropractor where you walk in and get a quick snap, crack into place and off you go back into the world wondering was that really worth it…. Chris provides a full experience from the moment you walk in, places some heat packs on your back (I always fall asleep!), and then provides a massage and then finishes with some back and neck cracking along the way!My daily back nuances from sitting down all down long in a car or behind a computer are gone, and in general feel pain free now.One thing to be mindful of, like all therapies, you need to go more than once to make it worth while. At the start I went weekly for about 5x weeks to get me to a point of maintenance, and am so happy I had found Chris to bring me to this point.

Derrick Smith

Could not recommend Chris at Chiroflexion more. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to improving and maintaining your spinal health and wellbeing. Each session Chris takes his time using his unique chiropractic therapy to ensure your body is relaxed and aligned. He has done wonders for my spinal health.

Tash Yarnold

Great serviceChris from chrioflection would be in my opinion one of the best chiropractors in the world.Always had life changing treatments

Tye Wade

After my first session with Chris to treat shoulder bursitis, I knew he was very different to what I had heard (and believed) about chiropractic treatment. Chris’ genuine care, warmth, knowledge and experience not only reassured me I was in ‘safe hands’ but also helped me focus on preventing further injury to my shoulders. After several sessions I have seen a substantial improvement in my range of movement and a decrease in inflammation. Truly blessed to have found “Chiroflexion”.

Christine Heinrich