Chiropractic and Asthma

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Chiropractic and Asthma – The relationship between Chiropractic and Asthma is mainly due to nerve interference leading to bronchial spasm and causing the obstruction of air flow.

Asthma is generally considered to arise from spastic obstruction to air flow due to bronchospasm. This can be external in nature (eg. pollution) or internal (eg. nerve interference). In any event nerve related interference of smooth muscle or allergic swelling of mucous membranes accounts for the majority of cases and the most severe cases.


Manipulative therapists particularly Chiropractors and Osteopaths have long considered the mid Thoracic and/or rib subluxations* (i.e. *mechanical dysfunction) to be causative factors of nerve related bronchospasm. This nerve disturbance to the respiratory sympathetic nerves from T2- T7 (T= Thoracic vertebrae’s) leads to sympathetic nerve depletion over the long term. The second nerve mechanism involved is an increase in the rate of parasympathetic nerve impulse firing arising from the respiratory parasympathetic nerve in the upper neck called the Vagus nerve.
So what all that jargon means is this- a spinal misalignment and/or subluxations to the upper neck and mid thoracic spine are involved in the genesis of asthma. Treatment of affected spinal segments by a Chiropractor may reduce if not completely reverse the disease process. The aim of such treatment would be to restore structural and mechanical balance to the spine, postural balance to the whole body and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
The Chiropractic approach at Chiroflexion may incorporate such modalities as Chiropractic adjustments to the subluxated areas of the neck and the thoracic spine using our unique spinal flexion-distraction motion therapy; soft tissue work to the muscles of the spine, the ribcage and the diaphragm; correction of pelvic imbalances arising from leg length discrepancies;  correction of minor scoliosis resulting from pelvic and muscular imbalances; nutritional support; exercise (i.e. swimming or yoga); proper breathing techniques; lifestyle counselling such as stress management and electro physical therapies.

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Clearly since asthma is such a significant problem for so many people our primary goal in conquering this debilitating disease at Chiroflexion is the restoration and maintenance of the structural and mechanical integrity of the SPINE as this is the key to a sound nervous system, good health, freedom of movement and the full expression of life.