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Please read this keeping in mind words will never be able to relay an experience or what it feels like when we internally change.

Do you need a break from the patterns running your life.
I work with The Breath of Life and Stillness. We all live with the breath of life and stillness, mostly not enough stillness and engagement to maintain optimal health and happiness.
As stress is calculated as being the cause of over 70% of illnesses and stress is felt as an emotion it makes sense that we as a society need more peace, stillness and space. BCST is a modality of healing that engages with bodies natural healing ability.
Within the treatment session I will engage with you with a light therapeutic touch to resonate safety and relate directly to the nervous system.
We are physical, mental and emotional beings and these cannot be separated, hence when engaging with our inherent healing plan we are engaging with all aspects of ourselves.
I listen and feel the movement of the tissues, fluids and energy patterns within the body. I sense the intelligence in the client’s system with the purpose of supporting the system as a whole
This touch appears subtle, yet can be life changing.
I have studied other healing modalities, more physical in nature and more etheric. This sits in the middle. With this work I engage with the physical body and thru the body engage with other parts of our existence.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

BCST will help your system relearn how to regulate itself

The body never gives up.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) will help your system relearn how to regulate itself. The potency of your original self is always available. The aim is to help it become coherent so that all cells are communicating effectively to their jobs best to support each other… the whole system.

It is WHOLISTIC in the greatest sense of the word

I see the journey of BCST as a journey to stillness. Stillness is the portal by which coherence reorganises and transmutes into healthy motion. Coherence is when the body is self-regulating.

Traumatic experiences that are too overwhelming can remain in the body locking it into a state of “fight or flight.” The long term effects of these unresolved traumas may include feelings of dissociation and hypervigilence that may lead to disease.

No part of you is in isolation. Parts of you need re-engagement and support. I engage with your patterns of existence with patience and presence to ease you back to the original self.

We need space and stillness to recreate. Since we were 2 cells and before we expressed intelligence, we had no brain organ when these cells manifested us into a baby. The innate intelligence of each cell knows what to do and how to regenerate and heal itself.

Vicki Jacobsen: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

You are in safe hands

As a practitioner of BCST, Vicki is trained to create a calm, still and embodied presence. This type of touch and presence enables you to feel safe, supported and held. This allows your brain to switch from a stress mode to a restful, relaxed mode that is conducive to healing and restoration.

“Your vision will become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens.” ~ Carl Jung

Get In Touch and Tune Your Life…

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