Frequently Asked Questions

We Aim To Detect, Correct and Prevent Spinal Conditions.


What Is Chiroflexion?
Chiroflexion is a Spinal Health Clinic dedicated towards the detection, correction and prevention of Spinal conditions and the long term Maintenance of Spinal Health. The word Chiro-flexion refers to a Hands-on approach that specialises in Spinal Flexion Distraction Therapy.

“What Is Spinal “Flexion-Distraction Therapy”?
Flexion Distraction Therapy is a unique Spinal treatment approach that uses a Motorised Flexion- Distraction table. The treatment is done with you lying down on the table. As the rocking movement gently flexes your Spine pressure is applies on your back that stretches, mobilises and decompresses your spinal joints.


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET RID OF MY SYMPTOMS? While your symptoms are what brought you here, dysfunction in the Spine always precedes discomfort! At Chiroflexion you are guaranteed the fastest recovery to health due to the gentle but effective nature of your Spinal Care. Usually within three to four treatments good results are noticeable, however, lifestyle factors such as stress, bad posture, fitness level, diet, age, chronicity and intensity of your complaint, Spinal degeneration, other health issues and your commitment to your health play a major role.

DO I HAVE TO KEEP COMING BACK AFTER MY SYMPTOMS HAVE GONE? NO, but experience has taught us that Spinal problems are recurrent in nature. In fact we believe that your “Spinal Care Begins when your symptoms End” and whilst you can stop your Spinal Care at any time most of our patients continue with Spinal Maintenance Care in order to prevent future relapses, slow down the aging process, strengthen their backs, feel good and have more energy!

DOES THE TREATMENT CAUSE ANY DISCOMFORT? As part of the healing process a slight discomfort may be felt after the first 2-3 sessions. However, your feedback is vital in monitoring and adjusting the intensity of the treatment.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BACK? Your Spine is a complex mechanical structure made of 24 movable vertebras that move three dimensionally and act as a housing unit for your Nervous System. Your Nervous System controls and coordinates all organ systems and structures of your body. The most common cause of back pain is Spinal Nerve Irritation due to interference from “Vertebral Subluxations”.

WHAT ARE VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS? SUB (less than) LUXATION (a dislocation of a joint) Vertebral Subluxations are misalignments and/or mechanical dysfunction of one or more of your Spinal Vertebras. They may lead to nerve interference (pinched nerves), muscle spasm, soft tissue inflammation and pain and may also lead to early excessive degeneration of your Spinal Joints and Discs. Untreated Subluxations may also have an adverse effect on your glands and organs.

IS CHIROPRACTIC SAFE? No form of medical treatment is totally without risk. Because it’s drug-free and non invasive, however, chiropractic has an exceptional safety record. Low force / high tech non manipulative techniques are also used for patients when indicated.