Chiroflexion Services

Relief Care

Symptomatic Relief of Pain or Discomfort. This phase is a “get me out of trouble” band aid solution that is purely for symptomatic relief only.


Corrective Care

Correcting the Underlying Cause of the Problem as Well as the Symptoms
This phase allows the body time to recover and heal over a 6-8 week period.


Wellness Care

Ongoing Maintenance Care for Optimal Spinal Health and Wellness
* As a Wellness Clinic our experience has demonstrated that patients who continue with “Wellness Care” have fewer future relapses, slow down the aging process, strengthen their backs, feel good and have more energy!


Remember the 4 S’S

Spinal conditions are extremely common and may lead to early degenerative changes, aging and arthritis.

Spinal conditions may be symptom-free for weeks, months or years before pain or dis-ease develops.

Spinal conditions cause nerve interference and irritation which may adversely affect any part of your body- including your glands and organs.

Spinal conditions detected in the early stages, before symptoms develop are preventable and are much easier to correct.

“Prevention is Better than Cure and Good Spinal Health is a Matter of Choice not Chance”.


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