Experience Freedom of Movement in a Pain Free Body. The Low Back Neck Shoulder and Arm Stretches enhance the quality of your Spinal Health.

Stretches – Low Back & Neck Shoulder & Arm

LOWER BACK STRETCHES (Click Link to Download Chart )
1 The Rest Position: Rest on your back with knees bent and fingers interlaced behind your head.
2 .Pull your knees one at a time to your chest.
3. Pull your knees one at a time diagonally towards the opposite shoulder.
4. Pull both legs to your chest with head on the floor and then curl head towards knees.
5. With one knee bent to 90 degrees, pull that leg with your opposite hand to the floor while turning your head towards the straight arm.
6 .With one leg crossed over the other, pull down on the lower leg towards the floor.
7. With fingers interlaced behind the head, pull your shoulder blades together.
8. Relax with both knees bent and the soles of your feet together while gravity stretches the groin.
9 Sit cross legged and lean forwards until you feel a comfortable stretch. Hold and relax.
10 While sitting pull your knees and chin to your chest and then roll up and down your spine on a mat.
11 The Spinal Twist: Sit with one leg straight while crossing the other leg over. Pull across with the elbow of the opposite arm on the outside of the bent leg. Turn your head in the opposite direction to look over the shoulder of the straight arm resting behind you. Do both sides while gently breathing.
12 AB Curls: Curl up your upper body bringing your shoulder blades of the floor by about 30 degrees. Keep your chin close to your chest all the time while doing 5-15 curls at a medium speed.
13 The Squat: Squat down with feet comfortably apart and toes pointing out. Keep your knees outside your shoulders and directly above the big toes. To gain more balance try this stretch while leaning your back against a wall or while holding onto a stationary object with your hands.
14 While sitting lean forward to stretch and take the pressure off your lower back
Cherry pick 4-6 that you can do on a daily basis for 30 days.

NECK AND UPPER BACK STRETCHES (Click Link to Download Chart)
1 Heavenly Lift: While sitting or standing, interlace your fingers above your head. With your palms facing upwards, push your arms slightly back and up.
2 Shoulder Blade Pinch: Pull your shoulder blades together while lightly pushing back with your head to create tension in the upper back area
3 With arms extended overhead and palms together stretch arms upwards and backwards.
4 With arms overhead, hold the elbow with the other hand and gently pull down behind your head.
5 Gently pull your elbow behind your head as you bend from your hips to the side. Do both sides.
6 Gently pull your elbow across your chest towards the opposite shoulder.
7 Interlace your fingers in front of you while turning your palms outward as you extend your arms forward.
8 Slowly turn your elbows inward while straightening your arms behind your back.
9 Lift your arms up behind you until you feel the stretch. Keep your chest out and chin in.
10 Lean your head sideways toward the opposite shoulder while pulling with your arm down and across.
11 Hold both sides of the door way with your hands at about shoulder level. Let your arms straighten as you lean forward. Hold your chest out and up while your chin is tucked in.
12 Place both hands shoulder width apart on a ledge and let your upper body drop down as you keep your knees slightly bent.
13 Child Pose: with legs bent under you, reach forward and pull back with straight arms while you press down with your palms and flatten your upper back. Do both or one arm at a time.
14 Forearm and wrist stretch: While on all fours, support yourself on your hands and knees. Lean back to stretch the front part of your forearms