How much of your day is spent sitting? At your desk, in the car? If the answer is “Most of my time” then you may have locked hips, which not only effect your dancing ability but actually is an underlying cause of undue stress and fear.

There is a long muscle on the side of the vertebral column and pelvic brim, it’s called the Psoas Muscle, or, the muscle of the soul.

The Psoas Muscle (pronounced so-as) is where we oftentimes store trauma and stress and it can directly influence many aspects of our lives, from our mood to our outlook on life.

An unhealthy thinking and negative outlook on life can not only harm us, but those who choose to be around us. But luckily, we can release this pent up fear inside!

Being the only muscle that connects spine to leg, the Psoas is what holds us upright and enables us to walk by lifting our legs. When functioning optimally, the psoas keeps our spine stable and supports the upper body.

Politicians, the news and propaganda are very easily manipulating us and putting us in a state of fear as they have learnt how to control our reptilian brains, which correlate directly to the Psoas muscle via connective tissue or fascia.

Our hectic lifestyles which drain us physically and mentally prevent our bodies from naturally releasing the stress we have built up, and this puts our minds and bodies in a constant state of anxiety and fear.

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